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DS10 is a small role playing group which specializes in "Play by Email" (or "PBEM") role playing games. Unlike traditional pen-and-paper role playing games, such as the popular "Dungeons & Dragons" game environment, the DS10 PBEM RPGs are played in a manner similar to that of a "chain story" or round-robin campfire tale.

Like with traditional role playing games, players take on the role of a character involved in the story, be it a swashbuckling adventurer traveling through a dense forest on an epic quest, or a scientist serving on a starship in deep space. Players then write a short story segment (called "posts") describing their character(s)' actions in relation to the current story, and when combined with the story segments from the other players of the game, form the core of the game's storyline.

Active Games

USS Wyvern - A Star Trek PBEM RPG set aboard an Intrepid-class Starship

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