Kathanas PBEM RPG

Kathanas is a fantasy "Play by Email" Role Playing game, set in a magical world based loosely on the popular Dungeons & Dragons game environment. Kathanas details the journey of six adventurers: Acerd Cyrillian Quarterman, Kaely Earthbeat, Talla Nimblefoot, Za'aro Shirewood, Cendhir the Shadowdweller, and Iriana Tanua.

The adventurers have set out on an epic quest to destroy Bel Uri, an evil Lich who has been interfering in the affairs of the Xifos community for his own gain. After a journey through the dark catacombs of an ancient tomb to retrieve a lost artifact for Bel Uri, the adventurers have learned of the Lich's true nature and have set out to destroy the Lich by destroying his phylactery and defeat the Lich once and for all.

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Game Status

The Kathanas game has ended due to a lack of interest. The players involved in Kathanas have migrated to the U.S.S. Wyvern PBEM RPG

The party is travelling through "Deep Fell," an ancient grove under the protection of the Elven god Corellon Larethian. There, the party hope to find the phylactery of Bel Uri.
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