The webmaster for the USS Wyvern would like to thank the following sites and/or individuals for their images, Star Trek facts, or other information used in the construction of this site.

  • Gene Roddenberry, for creating the StarTrek universe that allows for groups, such as the Firestorm, to enjoy role playing within.
  • Paramount Pictures, a Viacom Company, for maintaining the Star Trek Universe through Deep Space Nine and Voyager
  •, webhost of the, for providing the web page storage space at a reasonable price.
  • USS Banshee, NCC-2020-B, PBeM SIM, website created by Matthew Doyle and maintained by Michael Meyer, for use of their Databases for creating Wyvern's own, and for serving as a template for the creation of the Wyvern, and for use of the award ribbons seen on this site.
  • USS Atlantis, NCC-3028-A, PBeM SIM, homepage created and maintained by Victor Hoffer, for serving as a template for the creation of the Firestorm.
  • The Awards and Medals seen on the USS Wyvern website were created by "Janus" and "Rhaycen" specifically for use on RPGs.

STAR TREK, and all related trade marks, are a copy right of Paramount Pictures Entertainment Co., a Viacom Company. [more info]

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