Starship Information
Starship Name:
Registry Number:
Ship Class:

USS Wyvern
Naval Construction Contract 78241
Intrepid-class Light Explorer
2380, Utopia Planitia Ship Yards, Mars

Crew Information

Standard Crew :
Living Space :
Senior Staff Quarters :
Maximum Emergency Compacity :

150 Personnel: 60 Officers and 90 Enlisted personel
125 square meters to each crewmember
150 square meters to each senior staff member
250 Persons

Starship Construction Data
Overall Length:
Overall Beam:
Overall Draft:
Cargo Capacity:

344.0 m
141.8 m
68.3 m
1,500,000 tons
1,500 metric tons

Warp Engine Type:
Cruising Speed:
Maximum Cruise Speed:
Emergency Speed:
Number of Nacelles:
Matter/Anti-Matter Type-VIII Warp Drive
Warp Factor 6
Warp Factor 9
Warp Factor 9.975 for 12hours
Engine Type:
Number of Engines:
Maximum Output:
Standard Class-VII Impulse Engines
2 single port
Deflector Shields:
Class VI Deflector Shields
Phaser Banks:
Number of Banks:

Torpedo Tubes:
Number of Tubes:
Torpedo Load Out: 

Type X Phasers
3 Beam Emitters

Type VI Torpedo Launchers
1 Fore, 1 Aft
40 type-6 photon torpedoes
Deflector Grid:
Number of Grids:
Class 6 Deflector Grid
Tractor Beams:
Landing Capabilities:
Cloaking Device:
2 Multi-Targeting Tractor Emmiters (1 fore, 1 aft)
4 landing support struts
Expected Lifetime:
Resupply Interval:
Refit Interval:
40 years
3 Months
2 Years


Shuttlecraft Information
6 Personnel Shuttlecrafts Warhawk (Type-11 Shuttlecraft)
Fermi (Enhanced Type-11 Shuttlecraft - Scientific Research Shuttlecraft)
4 Type-9 Shuttlecraft
2 Workpods 2 Class-8 Hydra Workpods
Computer Systems
Network Type: Bioneural Gel Pack LCARS Network
Crew Interface Software:
Data Transfer Rate:
No. of Dedicated Modules:
Storage Capacity per Module:
6,200 kiloquads/second
725,000 kiloquads
Primary Holodeck:
Sickbay Holographic systems:
2 holodecks (125 square meters) for scientific research & recreation
1 "Emergency Medical Hologram" Holographic Doctor
1 HoloMedical Simulator
Personnel Transporters:
Cargo Transporters:
Emergency Transporters:
Communications Information
Intraship Transmission:
Personal ommunication Range:
Ship to Ground Range:
Communication Speed:
Subspace Speed:
Voice & Data
1,000 kilometers
42,000 - 150,000 kilometers
20 kiloquads / second
Warp 9.9997
High Resolution Sensors:
Low/Med Resolution Sensors:

Maximum Effective Range: 8 Lightyears
Maximum Effective Range: 20 Lightyears

Class I Probes
Class II Probes
Class IV Probes
Class V Probes
Class VI Probes

10 Class I Short-Range Reconnaissance Probes
20 Class II Multi-Purpose Enhanced Sensor Probes
10 Class IV Long-Range Reconnaissance Probes
10 Class V Medium-Range Reconnaissance Probes
10 Class VI Communication Relay / Emergency Probes

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