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DRII Andirii

RANK: Lieutenant Commander
POSITION: Chief of Security
RACE: Bajoran
AGE: 28
BIRTHPLACE: Kendra Province, Bajor
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Height: 178 cm (5' 10")
Weight: 36.7 kg (181 lbs)
Hair: Short/Dark Red-ish Brown
Eyes: Light Grey
Features: Five distinct creases across the bridge of his nose (racial)
Mother: Drii Neela
Father: Drii Tennan
(Step-Father –Drii Rohan)
Siblings: Drii Faile (Sister- Deceased)
Drii Mera (Brother- Presumed Dead)
Drii Noru (Half-Brother)
Spouse: None
Children: None
Pets: None

Primary Education: Make-shift Resistance school – Bajor, 8 years
Houston Junior High (Alpha Centauri)
Secondary Education: Starfleet Academy
Majors: Criminal Justice/Biology
Minors: Engineering/Systems Analysi
Languages: Federation Standard/ Bajoran

Beliefs Actions speak louder than words, and nothing is impossible.
Goals & Ambitions To help maintain a secure environment aboard the USS Wyvern. Also wishes to provide a secure future for his mother and half-brother.
Dislikes Criminals, Peanut Butter
Religion Holds to the Bajoran religion of worshiping the Prophets
Psychological Profile Andirii is a very quiet person, who keeps to himself. He holds a grudge against the Cardassians, and harbors a secret wish to avenge his father’s death. He is an expert survivalist, which is due to his early upbringing in a resistance camp. His mind is firmly rooted in reality, but he doesn’t stop himself from dreaming.
Hobbies Loves researching Earth’s Second World War, reading, and constructing architectural models.
Other Information His mother, Neela has been a strong figure for him his entire life, and he wishes nothing more than provide her with a means to retire securely. Andirii has a warm relationship with his half-brother Noru, who is ten years younger, and his step-father, Rohan. He desperately wishes to find out exactly what happened to his brother, Mera, who went missing during the same ambush that killed his father.

2352 Andirii is born to Drii Neela and Drii Tennan in the Kendra province of Bajor.
2355 Andirii begins his education in a Resistance camp school.
2359 Andirii’s only sister dies while fighting during a battle.
2363 Drii Tennan, Andirii’s father, is killed by Cardassians in an ambush. Older brother Mera goes missing at the same time, and is presumed dead, though no body was found. The deaths of her husband and oldest son prompt Drii Neela to abandon the resistance and seek refuge on another planet.
2364 Continues his education at Houston Junior High on Alpha Centauri.
2365 Mother remarries.
2366 Is accepted into Starfleet Academy and begins training
2370 Graduates from Starfleet Acedemy. Half-brother Noru is born.
2373 Accepts position as a Security officer aboard Starbase 122.
2380 Accepts position as Chief of Security aboard the USS Wyvern.

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