USS Wyvern :: Arinea Kadiri


KADIRI, Arinea

RANK: Captain
POSITION: Commanding Officer
GENDER: Female
RACE: El-Aurian
AGE: 48
BIRTHPLACE: Tokyo, Earth
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Height: 173 cm (5' 8")
Weight: 66 kg (146 lbs.)
Hair: Medium brown, red highlights, to hip length
Eyes: Green
Skin Dark Beige (comparable to human Latino complexion)
Features: none
Mother: Kuiro Solar
Father: Woran Solar
Siblings (sisters): Suira, Tulan, Lari, Meiru
Siblings (brothers): Fueris, Nealar, Sienko, Talbain, Buero
Spouse: Takero Kadiri
Children: -
Pets: -

Primary Education: K.I. Grade School (Tokyo, Earth), Miyazaki High School (Tokyo, Earth).
Secondary Education: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
Majors: Biology
Minors: Social Psychology, History
Languages: Federation Standard, El-Aurian

Beliefs Life is a balance of thought, word, and deed; logic and emotion. To each his own balance, and in balance find meaning.
Goals & Ambitions Always to do the best she can, and with the help of the Federation help her people to find their way in this universe again. Also to make the USS Wyvern a smoothly running unit, with as little personal friction as possible, as feelings of jealousy and tension irritate her (in addition to the other interpersonal problems these emotions cause).
Likes Having friends on board, chocolate, positive emotional contact
Dislikes Borg, unnecessary violence, petty bickering, bullying, those who abuse their power (physically, verbally, and/or emotionally)
Religion A genderless higher power/being is in existence, whose thoughts and actions are so unfathomable that to facilitate understanding, each species (and indeed, factions within species) breaks up this being into multiple facets they deem their personal deities.
Psychological Profile A very bright woman that does not see ambition as a weakness or a problem, as long as it doesn’t require stepping on other people. Her lack of direct combat experience might result in distress, but her abilities in simulations have shown her to be an able commander. She considers it almost a racial duty to marry and produce full-blooded El Aurian children to carry on the hope that those on Earth will find the rest of their kindred. Being raised on Earth has given her a sense of being a part of, but not totally integrated with, human society. She knows that some solitude is healthy for any social being, but detests being alone more than necessary.
Hobbies Reading, Painting and Racquetball
Other Information Her empathic sense is very highly developed; however, she lacks the sensitivity to space-time fluctuations that other El Aurians possess. Her empathy is both receptive and projective: this latter facet being discovered in her teen years by her ability to put children to sleep. She loves and is devoted to her husband, but she knows that in the end his life span will prevent what she considers a full, lifelong commitment. Thus, she considers her marriage to be not only that, but a trial run of sorts for the commitment a future marriage to an El Aurian will be. Those who seem to be without emotion she finds puzzling, but she knows their worth as people.

2332Arinea is born to Kuiro and Woran Solar. She is the fourth child, and the second girl in the family.
2336Arinea starts her primary education at the K.I. Grade School in Tokyo, which is supplemented by additional home schooling by her parents.
2337Arinea discovers her empathic abilities and receives additional training and schooling in these abilities.
2344Arinea continues his primary education at the Miyazaki High School, showing keen interest in the sciences and in history.
2350Graduating from High School, and having passed and endured the rigors of a demanding El Aurian education, testing and training in her empathic abilities, and her regular schooling she decides to apply for Star Fleet Academy and is accepted.
2354Ensign Solar graduates from SFA, and is assigned to the USS Sarajevo as Science Officer where her service and abilities in the field result in several promotions eventually reaching the rank of Lieutenant.
2362Lieutenant Solar is transferred to the USS Avalon, where she accepts the tasks of an assistant to the Chief of Science aboard the ship.
2366The USS Avalon suffers internal damage when a multiple short circuit causes the containment fields around an experiment testing the oxygen-related volatility of certain phosphines to cease functioning. Luckily the experiment is only working with very small quantities, but the Avalon is ordered docked for repairs and an upgrade to its science facility. Arinea is married to Takero Kadiri during the two month shore leave that is extended to her while she awaits reassignment. After a 3-week honeymoon, she is transferred to the USS Morrigan, and there serves as Chief Science Officer as well as gaining the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
2373 Lieutenant Commander Kadiri is promoted to Commander and given the chance to become the Executive Officer aboard the USS Horus. She takes it gladly and serves well, earning the respect of the crew as well as gaining valuable and lasting friendships aboard.
2380She is promoted to the rank of Captain and awarded her own command. The USS Wyvern, a newly commissioned Intrepid Class Starship will allow her to show her abilities as a commander.


6 Months Service Ribbon

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