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Rank: Commander


RANK: Commander
POSITION: Executive Officer
RACE: Caitian
AGE: 31
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Height: 183 cm (6'1")
Weight: 79 kg (176 lbs)
Hair: Light brown fur and dark brown mane
Eyes: Green
Features: White patch of fur on left ear
Mother: T'Mella
Father: S’Onooh
Siblings: M'Rash (twin sister)
Spouse: N’Seah
Children: X’rias, Rr’sav (twin brother and sister)
Pets: none

Primary Education: S'Salan school, Rr'Vellan Institute of Higher education (Founded by his family).
Secondary Education: Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth (2368-2372)
Majors: Espionage, Security, Diplomacy
Minors: History, Communication, Interstellar Law
Languages: Caitian, Federation Standard

Beliefs Words are always preferred over phasers, but often words need to be backed up by phasers.
Goals & Ambitions Long-term peace for the Federation and its allies.
Dislikes Water and senseless violence.
Religion Though not really a practicing follower of the main Caitian religion, he does believe in the existence of the Mother Goddess.
Psychological Profile Rr'Vellan sometimes creates more problems then he solves, but his never-ending energy seems to compensate for this. He's not violent by nature, but if he's pushed into a corner his predatory senses seem to take over. He spends a lot of time on his claws though this is supposed to be normal for Caitians
Hobbies Fencing
Other Information Rr'Vellan's grandfather (M'Rishu) was the Federation ambassador to the Klingon home world of Qo'noS

2350 Rr'Vellan and M'Rash are born in the S'Salan Central Hospital
2354 Rr'Vellan starts his primary education at S'Salan School
2356 Rr'Vellan swears "The Oath of the Claw." "Never to use his claws against any sentient being." An Oath that each Caitian swears and at that age and violation of that oath is punishable with one of the most severe penalties known to Caitian society, declawing.
2360 Rr'Vellan starts with fencing classes, which has been a long standing tradition in his family. Though he enjoys it a lot, his twin sister obviously has more talent for it then him.
2362 After finishing his primary education earlier that year. Rr'Vellan enrolls into the school that was founded by his family, several generations ago.
2368 After graduating from the Rr’Vellan institute of Higher Education, he enlists at a local Starfleet Recruitment center and finds himself on his way to Earth with a small selection of Caitian recruits. Within days of his arrival in San Francisco and enrollment into Starfleet Academy, the JAG office approaches him for a secret internship. During this time he receives extra classes outside the Academy and is on active duty for JAG in which he follows the activities of a fellow student who is under suspicion of fraud.
2372 Rr'Vellan successfully graduates from Starfleet Academy. Due to his active duty for JAG he starts as a Lieutenant JG. Though he's immediately put undercover on the USS Bonfire, The Captain is this ship is being suspected of trafficking illegal drugs. Captain Sident is cleared of all suspicion when Rr’Vellan fails to find any evidence of this, and further investigation finds that a disgruntled officer aboard the ship made the anonymous accusations. Later that year Rr'Vellan is transferred to Starbase 48, here he has to 'baby-sit' the Admirals teenage daughter. The assignment turns out to be more interesting then Rr'Vellan initially expected when he uncovers that the Starbase is used by a group of Ferengi as a weapon transfer station. Though before he could put a stop to these actions Rr'Vellan requested a transfer, after finding the Admiral's daughter in his private quarters.
2373 Rr'Vellan is assigned to the USS Sidney as Tactical Officer. Though his actual job is to gather evidence against the Chief of Security who has been accused for brutality and even a few counts of racism. In a period of 15 months Rr'Vellan gathers a pile of evidence against the Security Chief, and also discovers the Captain of the ship knows about the acts and covers for him. These findings result in a conviction of the Security Chief and forced retirement for the Captain.
2375 Rr'Vellan is assigned to the USS Firestorm. Initially to keep an eye on the ships Romulan Chief of Security, and after that to make sure his successor doesn't cause more trouble then she is worth.
2376 After the disappearance of Lieutenant Gildan, Rr’Vellan decides he has spend enough time undercover in various positions and applies to the position of Chief of Security on the Firestorm.
2378 Rr'Vellan is promoted to First Officer aboard the USS Firestorm after the previous First Officer is promoted off the ship. Rr’Vellan is promoted to the rank Lieutenant Commander.
2379 The USS Firestorm is decommissioned, and Rr’Vellan takes an extended leave of absence from Starfleet after he finds out that his bond-mate N’Seah is pregnant. They both move to from their home on Deep Space 10 to the family home on Cait.
2380 X’rias, Rr’sav are born in the S'Salan Central Hospital. A few months after their birth, Rr’Vellan is contacted by Starfleet command with the request to go back on active duty. He replaces the Executive Officer of the USS Wyvern who is promoted off the ship and he is promoted to Commander.


6 Months Service Ribbon

Expert Phaser Class I & II Shot Ribbon Planet Surface Combat Action Ribbon Shipboard Combat Action Ribbon
Starship Service Ribbon: U.S.S. Bonfire Starbase Service Ribbon: Starbase 48 Starship Service Ribbon: U.S.S. Sydney Starship Service Ribbon: U.S.S. Firestorm
Starfleet Navy Ribbon Alpha Quadrant Service Ribbon Beta Quadrant Service Ribbon
RXJ1856 Memorandum Medal

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