USS Wyvern :: Unalaq Saumik


SAUMIK, Unalaq

Race:Human (Inuit)
Birthplace:Kilallurak, Sedna (SheD nah)
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Height: 155 cm (5’ 1”)
Weight: 61 kg (135 lb.)
Features:light olive skin, oval eyes
Mother:Noayak Saumik
Father:Norsaq Saumik
Siblings:Qayak and Aisivak Saumik (brothers)

Primary Education:Kilallurak Schools
Secondary Education:Starfleet Academy
Languages:Federation Standard, Inuit

Beliefs:All life is important and sacred because all life is part of ‘God.’
Goals & Ambitions:To help the ship run as smoothly as it can (psychologically that is)
Dislikes:People who know there is something wrong psychologically, but are unwilling to admit it and/or work on changing it.
Religion:Inuit Spiritual Beliefs
Psychological Profile:While she is still very spiritual, Unalaq is also very practical and knows her limitations; she is good at helping people deal with life and other people, but she also knows she is not a leader. Thus she avoids command positions like the plague.
Hobbies:Spear fishing, Kayaking
Other Information:Like many small cultural groups, most of the Inuit tribes chose to explore and find a new home planet where they could more easily preserve their way of life. The planet they chose and named Sedna was a small ocean planet where most of the land was near the poles. Because the average temperature of Sedna was quite a bit lower than earth, there was very little forest-type land, which the Inuit generally left alone, and the rest of the land was tundra, like the land of their origin on Earth. While education was still very important growing up, so was learning the traditional way of life. The settlers are very careful to make sure there is a balance between the humans and the natural wild life, which they hunt.

2348Unalaq is born to Norsaq and Noayak Saumik in the small Inuit village of Kilallurak on the planet Sedna.
2352Unalaq started primary school; two seasons out of the year, her family would stay in town, and she would attend school. The third season, she would travel with her family and learn the traditional ways of the Inuit as they hunted fish for the town. There are 3 major clans within the Kilallurak Inuit, and each season a different clan would go out to hunt different types of animals. Unalaq’s clan gathered fish for the town, but she also learned how to hunt the other types of animals, which the Inuit hunted for their food.
2368Unalaq left Sedna to attend Starfleet academy, and eventually join Starfleet. This decision estranges her to most of her tribe, including her father.
2372After graduating Starfleet Academy, Unalaq is assigned to Star Base 144, under the supervision of Lt. Commander Vett. Here she demonstrates that while she hadn’t had the highest scores at the academy, she is very adept at putting the ideas and concepts she learned into practice. She is commended for her actions in smoothing over several inter-racial incidents on the Star Base.
2374Shortly after the beginning of the Dominion war, Unalaq is transferred to Star Base 371, where she helps deal with the psychological trauma of the war.
2380Unalaq is promoted to Lieutenant, and, at the same time, is assigned to her first ship, the USS-Wyvern, where she will serve as ship’s counselor.


6 Months Service Ribbon

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