Rank Insignia: Lieutenant, Junior Grade

zh'NARA, Belkirus

RANK: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
POSITION: Security Officer
GENDER: Female
RACE: Andorian
AGE: 30
BIRTHPLACE: San Francisco, Earth

Physical Description
Height: 178 cm (5' 10")
Weight: 77 kg (170 lbs)
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Skin: Blue
Features: Antennae (racial)

Mother: Kirunin zh'Nara
Father: Birazel th'Nara
Siblings: None
Spouse: None
Children: None
Pets: None

Primary Education: Frank McCoppin Grade School (San Francisco, Earth),
George Washington High School (San Francisco, Earth)
Secondary Education: Starfleet Academy (San Francisco, Earth)
Advanced Tactical Training
Majors: Defensive Tactics, Security
Minors: Combat Engineering, Universal Languages
Languages: Federation Standard, Andorian, Adequate Translator For Several Languages

Beliefs Loyalty, Respect And Honor Are Her Core Values.
Goals & Ambitions She hopes to advance in Starfleet and someday explore in a ship of her own. She would also like to become an expert in ancient fighting techniques and weaponry.
Dislikes Bigotry, Bad Smells, Arachnids And Losing Antennae During Battle
Religion Ancient Earth Buddhism
Psychological Profile She is all about discipline. She would prefer to think of herself as a modern day samurai. She gives her all no matter what she is doing. She becomes frustrated when she cannot accomplish a set task, but maintains calm at all times. Due to the loss of her mother at an early age, she took on more masculine traits from her father. She is loving and tender hearted, but rarely lets anyone get close to her. She is all about team work and being sociable, but likes to spend much of her time alone.
Hobbies Meditating, Painting, Cooking, Playing The Andorian Piano, Studying And Practicing Self Defensive Disciplines
Other Information Like most Andorians, she goes by a shortened version of her first name. That is why everyone calls her Kira.

2350 Belkirus zh’Nara, also known as Kira, is born to Birazel th'Nara and Kirunin zh'Nara. She is an only child.
2353 Kira’s mother, Kirunin is killed when Tholians destroy the star base she stopped at on a return trip from Andoria.
2355 Kira attends grade school at Frank McCoppin Elementary.
2363 Kira attends George Washington High School where she becomes captain of the wrestling team.
2367 Kira applies for Starfleet Academy, but is rejected for unknown reasons.
2368 Her father, Birazel uses his connections to influence key members of Starfleet to reconsider Kira for Starfleet Academy. She is accepted on a trial basis. She proves herself and eventually becomes a top member of the academy’s wrestling team. She excels at Defensive Tactics and Combat Engineering. Her knowledge of multiple languages also comes in handy.
2372 She goes on to attend the Advanced Tactical Training school.
2374 Ensign zh’Nara is assigned to the Communications Research Center in San Francisco as a Security Officer.
2376 Kira transfers to Starbase 185, where she quickly earns the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2380 After applying with many starships, Kira is finally given a chance to work aboard the newly commissioned vessel, the USS Wyvern.

Additional Information
Kira’s father, Birazel owns a popular restaurant located in San Francisco back on earth called the Blue Moon Café. This is where Kira picked up several languages and where her father made his high up connections with Starfleet.
Kira’s mother, Birazel was a well known artist and a top graduate of the Andorian Art Institute.

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